Sprinkle-Covered Kid Goes on 'Ellen' & Lies to Her, Too (VIDEO)

sprinkles kid ellenRemember John, the insanely cute sprinkle-covered 3-year-old boy who told a big, big fib about not eating snacks to his mom? Of course you remember John, who could forget a face like that?! Certainly not Ellen DeGeneres, who was so charmed by John and his big brown lyin' eyes that she invited him (and mom Erica) to make an appearance on Ellen. And being the compassionate, fair-minded type that she is, Ellen gave John the chance to show the world he's not the shady, sprinkle-thieving rascal everybody thinks.

Unfortunately (and hilariously), John ... blew it.


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You really have to see this clip for yourself to appreciate the magnitude of cuteness we're dealing with here:


Do you have a puppy? Yeah. Have you ever driven a car? Yeah! And then the look on his face when he sees that wonderland of sprinkles! Oh, there's chocolate ones!

I can't decide who was having more fun, John or Ellen. Though I wonder how John felt when the cameras stopped rolling and the inevitable "no more sprinkles" moment came ...

What do you think is the funniest part of this clip?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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