Toddler Swallows 42 Refrigerator Magnets & Has to Have Them Surgically Removed

refrigerator magnetsToddlers. They're always finding novel and thrilling ways to flirt with danger. Today's disaster story is about the toddler who swallowed 42 refrigerator magnets and had to have them surgically removed. Forty-two magnets! Apparently his mother discovered what happened when she walked into the kitchen and noticed all the refrigerator magnets were missing.

Where could they have gone? In her 12-month-old's mouth, naturally. Sure enough, when she rushed her son to the hospital, x-rays revealed the 42 magnets in his digestive system. It would be a funny story, except that magnets can be incredibly dangerous to swallow.


There's the choking hazard, of course. But worse, magnets in the belly can become trapped and cause infection, perforations, blockage, poisoning, or death. Some may contain lead. So they're not the kind of thing you just allow to work their way through the system.

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I know what you're all thinking right now: Those magnets shouldn't have been within reach on the refrigerator door in the first place! I wonder if the toddler's mom just forgot to child-proof her home again once her son started walking. It's an easy mistake to make, and I feel for this poor mother. But if anything, child-proofing becomes more important once your child is a toddler. Kids who can walk can reach a whole lot more than they could when they were babies. And they're still obsessed with putting everything into their mouths, even if it looks nothing like food.

Anyway, thank goodness the toddler survived. I'm sure having surgery at such a young age wasn't great for him, but I'm glad he's all right now. No doubt his parents are keeping a sharper eye out now.

Has your child ever swallowed anything dangerous?


Image via Subharnab/Flickr

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