Devoted Dad Killed Protecting 11-Year-Old Daughter From Harm (VIDEO)

hero dadA dad is being hailed a hero after he died protecting his daughter on Tuesday. Maurice Harris was fatally shot around midnight when two "beasts", as Miami police are calling them, burst into the home he shared with his wife of 14 years and his 11-year-old daughter.

Allegedly, two heavily armed men busted their way inside and ordered Harris on the ground with his hands on his head. Then, when the guys made their way to the door of the bedroom in which his daughter was sleeping, Harris got up.


He started fighting with the intruders, and a gun went off, killing Harris, who was 34 years old.

After the shot was fired, the beasts ran away.

Harris did what any devoted and loving father would do if he saw adult men with guns barging toward their sixth grade daughter's bedroom. He stood up, fought, and gave every last breath trying to protect his family.

Who knows what these bad guys were after or what they were thinking, but my theory is after the gun went off, they had to run, since the sound of the blast would surely wake every neighbor. The houses, in this case, are extremely close to one another and after the shot was fired, the intruders likely knew they had to get out of there before someone called 911 and the police arrived. Harris, therefore, scared them off and saved his wife and daughter, who were unharmed.

His mother-in-law explained that he was the type of man who would give his life to save his family and I'd be willing to bet he was happy to do so knowing that it saved his loved ones from imminent danger.

Miami police have very little info on the "beasts" but I hope that soon enough, they're brought to justice. It's what everyone, including this hero dad, wants more than anything.

Would you have done the same thing if you were in this dad's shoes?


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