Mom Gives Birth to 10-Pound Baby Hours After Learning She's Pregnant

baby bumpEvery time I hear one of those stories about a woman who didn't realize she was pregnant until she actually went into labor -- I roll my eyes and shake my head a little bit. It's just so hard to understand how a woman can possibly not know that she's expecting a child, especially when the baby is full term.

But one woman from Jackson, Michigan puts all the other "I had no idea I was pregnant" stories to shame -- because she learned she was pregnant and gave birth to a 10-pound baby on the same day.

(Get. Outta. Town.)


Linda Ackley went to the doctor because she was experiencing bloating in her abdomen. The physician suspected she might have a hernia, so she was sent for a CT scan. And surprise, surprise -- Linda didn't have a hernia. She was pregnant, and based on her scan, she was initially told she'd have the baby in three to four weeks.

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But then she had a second ultrasound done, and that's when she was told her baby was full term at 40 weeks or more, and that she'd need to have a C-section immediately.

Shortly after that, baby Kimberly Kay Ackley arrived, weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds, 1 ounce.

OMG. This woman had a baby the size of the average bowling ball in her belly and simply didn't notice? (How in the heck?)

When I was pregnant with my son, there was absolutely NO mistaking what was going on with me. I experienced very early pregnancy symptoms and felt "off" right from the get-go.

After the first trimester, I felt my little guy moving around. I saw every single body part blow up like a balloon. And by the time my due date arrived, I was well aware that I was carrying an 8-pound baby in my belly. For the life of me, I just can't figure out how this woman was expecting a 10-pounder and had no clue.

I know everyone's bodies are different and pregnancy comes with different symptoms for different women, but seriously -- how can you not know?!? HOW??

When did you first realize that you were pregnant?


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