9-Year-Old Scores Hockey Goal Worth $5,000 & the Crowd Goes Wild (VIDEO)

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I don't care who you are, there's really nothing more satisfying than seeing a kid try something that seems impossible and succeed at it. And that's why you're absolutely going to love watching this video of a 9-year-old trying to score a hockey goal, which was taken at a fundraiser to benefit a school in Nova Scotia.

Before the East Coast Muscians hockey team started their game with the school's team, Tyson Greencorn came onto the ice to take a shot from the center of the rink to try and score a goal -- a goal that came with a prize of $5,000.


Watch the video clip below to see him beat the odds and sink the puck. Don't be surprised when you feel a huge sense of anticipation as the crowd chants, "Tyson! Tyson! Tyson!"

OMG!!! What do you think the odds were of him actually making that goal?!? I cheered when that puck went in, so you can only imagine how exciting it was for everyone in attendance that night, especially Tyson and his family.

Amid the screams from the crowd, I distinctly heard a woman's voice near the camera. I can't help but wonder if that was his mom -- freaking out over what her "baby" had just accomplished.

And who knows what they'll wind up doing with the $5,000, but if they're like most parents I know, I'm sure it went into some sort of fund for their son's future education. (Or at least that's what I'd probably do with it.)

I'm sure they'll be sharing this video with family and friends for years to come. It's only once in a lifetime that you make a one-in-a-million shot!

Has your child ever had an opportunity like this?


Image via adriannasullivan95/YouTube

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