5 'Blizzard Babies' Whose Birth Stories Are Impossible to Forget

blizzardUnless you're currently living under a rock, then you know the Northeast got hit with one hell of a blizzard last weekend. And when I say one hell of a blizzard, I mean one hell of a blizzard. In the boonies of Connecticut where I live, winter storm Nemo dumped a good three feet of the white stuff.

You could barely see our mailbox. The guy across the street's truck got stuck in the driveway and was practically buried. And it took hours for the snow plow to arrive, which had me all freaked out about what people would do in the event of an emergency, in particular, pregnant women who had due dates on or around February 9.

I kept thinking about these poor women going into labor, and then looking out the window and realizing they were literally snowbound -- and would be forced to give birth to their babies in a blizzard.


As I suspected, there were a few expectant moms who were faced with this exact scenario. Here are five tales of babies who were born in the blizzard. Their parents will have quite the story to tell as they grow up!

Mom calls 911 and EMTs can't reach her -- When Ericka Bueno went into labor, she did what any mom-to-be would do in a blizzard -- she called 911. But it became apparent that there was no way EMTs could make it up her hill, so get this one -- the National Guard was called in to plow the road. The EMTs finally got to Ericka, and she gave birth to a baby girl right there in her home.

Baby born in hospital parking lot -- Wow. Talk about almost making it! Donna Ambrosia of Colchester, Connecticut, went into labor during the peak of the blizzard. A plow helped an ambulance reach their house, and it took her to Route 2 -- but then she and her husband were told the plow couldn't go any farther. The ambulance continued on and finally reached the hospital 45 minutes later -- but Donna had progressed too far to actually be brought inside. The ER doctor delivered her baby girl right there in the back of the ambulance in the hospital parking lot. The child's name is Lizzie, but they plan on calling her "Blizzie" as a nickname.

Firefighters deliver baby in blizzard -- In Kingston, Massachusetts, a scared mom endured active labor in her home while waiting for paramedics to arrive. It took the ambulance 30 minutes to make the two-mile drive from her home to a fire station, and they got there just in the nick of time. Her baby girl was delivered by three firefighters.

Baby girl born 28 minutes before travel ban issued -- Baby Abigail Howard of Amesbury, Massachusetts, may have been born in her parents' car if they hadn't made it to the hospital on time. They arrived at Tufts Medical Center just as the storm was beginning, and little Abigail arrived just before the travel ban went into effect. Because of it, she didn't even get to meet her big sister or grandparents for two days!

Mom goes for checkup and hospital won't let her leave -- Elise Samatis went to the hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts, for a regular checkup, and was shocked when she was checked into the hospital instead. Doctors were concerned about her going into labor in the blizzard, so they figured it was best to keep her there just in case. Baby Phoebe wasn't born until after Nemo, but I'm sure Elise was still relieved.

(Huh. Kind of funny that all five babies are girls, isn't it?)

What would you do if a major storm was going to hit on your due date?


Image via Al Camardella/Flickr

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