9-Year-Old 'Weather Kid' Gives Most Entertaining Forecast Ever (VIDEO)

weather kidWhat's cuter than a slightly awkward kid in an adorably ill-fitting suit? A slightly awkward kid in an adorably ill-fitting suit doing the weather. Trust me.

Particularly if that kid is 9-year-old William Hallman of Fargo, North Dakota, helping out Valley News Live chief meteorologist Hutch Johnson with the most entertaining forecast you'll ever see. William has a "fascination" with weather, so he's definitely qualified for the gig ... even if the whole lights/camera/green screen thing does take some getting used to.


Still, William rolls with the live television punches like a pro (speaking of, that Hutch Johnson is one unflappable dude). Luckily somebody must have warned William before the broadcast to never, ever let his hands dangle at his sides ...

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That kid's got some onscreen presence, huh? Charisma, I think they call it in the meteorologist biz (fine, I made that up).

Was this the most entertaining weather forecast you've ever seen?


Image via Valley News Live/YouTube

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