Father Delivers Baby in Gas Station on Way to Hospital (VIDEO)

baby gas stationSince it's kind of my dream to give birth surrounded by delicacies such as Cheetos, Slim Jims, and books of easy crossword puzzles, I can't help but experience a pang of jealousy, and heartburn, hearing Brandon and Christy Favia's story. After Christy had some intense labor pains, they hopped in the car with their 3-year-old and took off for the hospital. Problem was, that baby was coming, and fast. In a panic, Brandon pulled over, called 911, and delivered the baby in a gas station parking lot.


Think of all the snacks she had at her fingertips! And the magazines!

Dad says that things were kind of intense, which isn't hard to believe. You're in a Shell station outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and your wife is pushing out a kid while your toddler is screaming at you totally freaked out by what's going on.

He was able to tune out all the noise, though, listen to the 911 operator, and successfully deliver his second daughter, Gasolina. Just kidding! They named her Brynlee.

An ambulance showed up minutes later and took mom and baby to the hospital, where they were released the next day with a clean bill of health. And the cutest thing about this story? Mom says that her 3-year-old was really interested in what was happening, and believes that this experience will bond them for life.

Mom did not mention, however, any free snacks nor pulling her baby out with Dorito-cheese powder-stained fingers.

Could you imagine giving birth in a gas station?

CBS Atlanta 46


Photo via CBS Atlanta

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