Dad Plays Cruel 'Candy' Prank on Son & No One Is Laughing But Him (VIDEO)

boyWe've seen a lot of funny pranks parents play on their kids thanks to YouTube sending them viral. Usually, we all get a good laugh and applaud the parents for not taking things too seriously. But there's a line between having some fun with your kid and laughing with them and being horrifically cruel and laughing at them. The dad in this following video crosses the line into the latter BIG time.

In the video, which has just recently gone viral, the Brazilian father gives his son what's supposed to be a candy egg (a Kinder Surprise Egg). Only instead, he's replaced the candy one with a real, raw egg. The boy repeatedly tries to bite into it as his father encourages him to keep going, filming all the while. When he finally does crack it with his teeth, the egg spills out all over him, and the boy is left with egg literally on his face. He's in tears while all the adults in the room laugh hysterically.


It's such a mean thing to do, not to mention the risk of Salmonella poisoning from having raw eggs in his mouth. But that poor boy was humiliated. He's way too young to be subjected to that kind of treatment, and what kind of dad thinks that's funny? It was cruel, plain and simple, and it makes me furious that this boy was treated this way.

To make it even worse, the dad gives everyone in the room some "air time" at the end of the video. He pans the faces, because he knew this shit would probably go viral ... and he was right. But just because it goes viral doesn't mean it's funny or right, and this dad should be ashamed that he used him like this for his own personal amusement. His son maybe laughing at the end, but that doesn't mean he's not still crying inside.

Watch for yourself and see if you disagree.

Do you think this 'prank' is funny at all?

Image via YouTube

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