Grieving Mom Learns Hospital Buried Her Baby Without Her Permission

bootiesIn what has to be one of the most devastating and sad stories I've ever heard, a mom who already had to deal with the death of her baby is now trying to get his body back from the hospital -- who buried him accidentally without her permission.

Vanessa Weir welcomed her daughter, Peyton, almost three months ago at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma, but sadly, Peyton's twin brother, Jaxon, died in utero. Vanessa held him once after he was born -- and then he was taken away to the morgue.

You can only imagine how heartbroken this poor mother must have been to have to leave the hospital without one of her babies.


But then after making funeral arrangements and arriving back at the hospital to pick up her precious little boy's body, she was met with a level of uncertainty and confusion no mother in her situation should ever have to face.

Vanessa explains, "We had to wait 30 minutes just for them to go through the paperwork and another 40 for them to say he might be in the morgue or he might be buried."

And as it turns out, baby Jaxon had indeed, been buried.

The hospital says, "Mercy provides the rite of Christian burial each quarter, when parents do not request a private burial. We regret that there was a break in communication regarding the family's wishes."

A break in communication? Oh. My. God. This poor woman! Having to plan a funeral for your baby is already one of the most horrific things a parent ever experiences, but finding out that you can't have a proper burial for your baby because someone else has already done it for you? Yeah, that's simply unfathomable.

Hopefully Vanessa's baby boy will be returned to her soon so that she can finally grieve properly, and have him in a cemetery close to her home where he belongs. She's already been through way more than any mom should ever have to bear.

How do you think a mistake like this happened?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr

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