If You Want Your Baby to Model, You'd Better Be Famous (PHOTO)

One thing I can't stand is when a new mom asks me if I think her kid is cute. You can't say, "All kids are cute." And you can't say, "Sure ... and hopefully she'll grow into that nose one day." I mean, all you can say is, "SHE IS THE CUTEST THING IMAGINABLE OF COURSE SHE IS DID YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK???!!!" And that's all you can say. So why bother asking, really? But maybe you ARE actually one of those parents who doesn't solicit the oohs and aahs of your child's beauty, but who gets them anyway. Maybe people are always coming up to you and saying, "Oh my god, that child is beeyootiful. THAT CHILD NEEDS TO BE A MODEL!" And these people aren't your mom and MIL. In that case, should your kid be a child model?


Rachel Uchitel is primarily known for being one of the many mistresses of Tiger Woods. She also appeared on Celebrity Rehab, for her drug and sex addictions. But Rachel got her act together, got married, and had a cute baby girl, Wyatt.

Rachel says at 4 months old, Wyatt was getting so many compliments on her beauty that she decided to bring her to a modeling agency. Little Wyatt got an agent and has done photoshoots for Tea Collection. Here is one of her pics:

Yeah, cute, right? Cuter than your kid? OF COURSE NOT HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT YOU IDIOT BLOGGER?!!! Well, if your kid is as cute as Rachel's -- who now makes $150 an hour -- shouldn't he or she be a model too?

Hold up here for a moment. There are a few things that make a good child model -- and it's not necessarily everyone telling you how adorable your child is. For one, the kid has to LOVE having her picture taken. How many times have you trained your camera on your supermodel-in-the-making only to have her burst out crying, close her eyes, or make a funny face? If you've got more of those than you do of her smiling serenely, then your kid isn't a model. Is your kid the one who fusses when placed on a stranger's lap? Hides when people come over or gets upset when there's loud noises or any hustle and bustle? Not a model.

Additionally, you've got to have some time on your hands. For every job a kid books, there are about a hundred that a kid doesn't book. Plus, you'd have to stay on set with the baby. So this becomes your job. $150 an hour might sound like a lot -- but it's not when you spent hundreds of unpaid hours trying to get your little one a gig. Additionally, you have to shell out money for a baby's portfolio.

Plus, it helps if you live in a fashion city like New York or Los Angeles. On the whole, baby modeling just isn't feasible for your average mom -- even if your baby is cuter than the Olsen twins were. In short, it helps if you're famous. Victoria and David Beckham's kids, Romeo and Harper, are models. So are Cindy Crawford's kids, Presley and Kaya. They've got the genes -- and the connections.

Some baby models, like Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields and Lindsay Lohan, go on to adult fame. But I bet that Lindsay part has you rethinking this whole scheme, eh?

Would you want your kid to be a model?


Image via PacificCoastNews/Tea Collection

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