3-Year-Old With Genius IQ Will Always Be Smart, But Never Normal (VIDEO)

3-year-old mensaThe average 3-year-old doesn't get inducted into Mensa. But Sherwyn Sarabi is not the average 3-year-old. At 3 years old, most kids are still working on learning their colors and shapes. Which is perfectly appropriate, developmentally speaking. Sherwyn, however, is way beyond the phase of finding blue triangles and yellow squares: With an IQ of 136, Sherwyn could read, count to 200, and correctly identify countries, flags, planets, and parts of the body by the time he was 2. Sherwyn's mom said she didn't realize there was anything out of the ordinary about her son's smarts ... initially.


"At first we just thought it was normal behavior, then one day when we were at the doctor's, he was looking at a map on the wall and started pointing out countries he recognized. The doctor was amazed and said he’d never seen anything like it. We’ve taken him to see a couple of psychologists who have both said he is gifted."

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Then Mensa came calling:

"As a bright child with great potential we hope he will thrive with the Mensa network as support," said John Stevenage, chief executive of Mensa in Britain (out of 22,000 members in the British chapter, only 100 are children aged 10 or younger).

This begs the question: What exactly is the point of inducting a 3-year-old into Mensa? And won't all the special attention rob Sherwyn of a "normal" childhood? Possibly. But maybe that's okay.

Critics slam parents like Sherwyn's for putting too much pressure on their kids by focusing on their "gifted" status. That super-smart, super-young children deserve a chance to be like "all the other kids." Except the truth is, they're NOT like "all the other kids." There's no way around it. They'll grow up either intentionally dumbing themselves down to fit in or feeling isolated. So having a support system like Mensa in place from the start is probably the best thing Sherwyn's parents can do for him. 

And he still gets to be a little kid -- check out the dress-up crown he's wearing for no apparent reason in this video:

What would you do if your kid were a genius like Sherwyn?


Image via Barnsley Chronicle/YouTube

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