Kids Describe Oscar-Nominated Movies Based Only on the Titles

Oscar Movies PanelIf you're a parent or even if you just spend a lot of time around kids, you know they're full of opinions ... hilarious opinions. So with the Oscars just around the corner, what better subject to let the kids opine on than the movies up for Academy Awards?

My daughter has already told me that she wants Wreck-It Ralph to win Best Animated Feature Film (it just won out over her other favorite, Brave, and, yes, it's probably because I bought her a Vanellope t-shirt last week and promised her the DVD). But what about all the other films in the running for big prizes? What do kids think of them?

Don't worry, we didn't let a bunch of kids watch Argo or Life of Pi. But we did ask our mini movie critics about 11 flicks up for Oscars, and their answers will leave you in stitches.


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First, let me explain the process. We found five willing participants, some of whom may or may not have been bribed with candy to participate. Ranging in age for 4 to 7, none had seen the films we asked about. All they got was the title ... and they supplied the entertainment!

Jump in! Laugh! And then find out what YOUR kids have to say about the Oscar noms.

Which one is your favorite?


Images via Jeanne Sager, Caroline Kaye Photography

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