Cops Arrest 7-Year-Old Over 'Robbery' of $5

Child in HandcuffsGet ready for your "people be crazy" story of the day. A 7-year-old was handcuffed by police and charged with robbery over allegedly taking $5 from a classmate after school. Not crazy enough for you? Wilson Reyes was allegedly interrogated for 10 hours over the missing money before he was finally allowed to see his Mommy!

Yeah, that's the part that really got to me too. I have a 7-year-old, and there's no way on God's green earth that I'd allow cops to sit her down and have a chat without me present.


The whole over-the-top incident comes out of the Bronx, where a kid apparently dropped $5 on the ground in front of some other little boys. One of them scooped it up, and Wilson got blamed (wrongly, it turned out).

OK, fair enough. These things happen. But you'd expect a principal to call all the kids involved into a room, hash it out, find out who was to blame, and get the money back, right? You wouldn't expect a 7-year-old to be hauled out of class by police and handcuffed.

You especially wouldn't expect this whole thing to go down without his mom being notified. But Wilson spent four hours in custody at the school and another six at the precinct.

When his mom was finally notified and got to the precinct, she says cops initially wouldn't allow her to see her little guy! When she was finally allowed in, a lawsuit against the city alleges she found her 7-year-old handcuffed to a wall.

Yes. She's suing. Wouldn't you?

If my child does something wrong in school, I don't just want to know. I need to know. It's my job, after all, to raise a good, upstanding citizen. I can only do that if I'm fully aware of what she's up to at school.

It's also my job -- and my right -- to be her advocate. She's only 7. She's still figuring out right from wrong, good from bad. Sometimes she makes mistakes. Sometimes she just needs her Mom to be there to help her navigate the scary adult world.

Remember what it was like to be 7? Imagine being accused of doing something you didn't do. My daughter tends to get righteously indignant because, well, she's SEVEN. She'll burst into tears, horrified that she's being called out for something she didn't do. Then she'll get angry and shut down.

I used to worry about her behavior until I talked to other moms. Turns out this is pretty standard 7-year-old behavior. They don't know how to respond to baseless accusations. They're just kids!

They need their parents to act as -- for lack of a better word -- interpreters. We explain to them what's going on, and we explain our kids to the outside world.

Wilson is now out of police custody, and the ridiculous "robbery" charge against the 7-year-old has been dropped. But this ordeal has no doubt changed him forever.

What would you do if cops interrogated your child without you? 


Image via daquella manera/Flickr

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