Mom Holds Toddler Down While He Gets a Tattoo (VIDEO)

toddler tattooThis video is so disturbing I couldn't even watch it all the way through: A mother holds down her toddler while he gets a tattoo. He screams and wails. He's surrounded by adults who all seem to think this is a perfectly good idea. It's unbelievable.

I guess at some point the mom tries to get her toddler to look at the tattoo (because look at the pretty design those nice men just drilled into your arm???). Like that's going to make him feel any better! This poor kid. Not only does he suffer through the trauma of a tattoo being forced on him, now he has this stupid design on his arm that he never asked for. And it'll be there forever, unless he endures another painful experience to have it removed. 


I think if you polled 1,000 parents and asked, "Do you think it's a really fucking terrible idea to give a toddler a tattoo?" 1,000 of them would give you a resounding HELL YES. I think we've finally found the one thing all parents agree about. Right? Well -- except for the people in this video, apparently.

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It's hard enough to take your little ones in for their vaccination shots, if you do that. I hurt along with my son with every single poke of the needle. It's the worst! No parent enjoys that. So what kind of mindset sends parents to the tattoo parlor with a toddler? What are these people thinking? And if they're okay with this one little guy, is this a regular thing in their community?

We've talked about piercing a baby girl's ears, and that was pretty controversial. Like this blogger, I had my ears pierced when I was a baby, and I don't think it's that bad a practice. But that's just a quick prick in each earlobe. I still have pierced ears now. Why am I okay with piercing a baby's ears but not with giving a toddler a tattoo? I guess because a tattoo takes longer -- MUCH longer. And because the results are permanent.


Do you think there's any possible good reason to give a toddler a tattoo?


Image via The Sun

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