7-Year-Old Boy Dies After Sand Pile Game With Younger Brother Goes Tragically Wrong

When I think about all of the semi-dangerous games my friends and I used to play when we were little, it's amazing I'm alive. But sometimes games kids play can be deadly. A 7-year-old reportedly died after his 5-year-old brother buried him alive in a big sand pile that was on their family's horse farm. What kids haven't buried their pals in the sand for fun? How could this have happened?


Police believe that Wyatt McDaniel, 7, and his brother, Logan, 5, were playing in the big pile of sand on the family farm when Wyatt somehow got buried alive -- possibly by his brother. After Logan ran and alerted their father, Charlie, the dad rushed out to try and save Wyatt, but he couldn't. The boy was unconscious and soon went into cardiac arrest.

No one saw the incident, and while it appeared that the boy had suffocated, that conclusion won't be reached until there's an autopsy report. The family lives on a large rural farm in Texas. At the time of the tragedy, the father was giving a horse lesson while the kids played.

I grew up on a small farm -- and also with lax supervision. It's amazing the things kids can get up to that might be dangerous. My friends and I used to routinely climb on a crumbling one-inch-wide wall that surrounded a waterfall. If we'd fallen, we surely would have been severly injured. Possibly we could have died. But we did it over and over and over.

And who doesn't remember playing in the sand as a kid? Especially on the beach. Perhaps that is less dangerous because it is packed sand and will wash away with the incoming tide. This, on the other hand, was a giant sandbox.

As farm kids, I'm sure they were accustomed to having the run of the place with little supervision. Who would think something like this could happen? Though perhaps letting your kids get near a big loose sand pile isn't the best idea ... hindsight is 20/20. If it wasn't the sandpile, it could have been something else. Most kids are able to get though their rough and tumble childhoods without lasting damage. And a certain amount of freedom at that age can really help a child's development. It's the rare tragedies like this that make parents so uptight and nervous about everything!

Did you used to play dangerous games as a kid? What kind of games do you let your kid play?


Image via Eden Pictures/Flickr

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