Father Tragically Runs Over & Kills His 10-Month-Old in His Own Driveway

This is probably the worst thing you can imagine happening to a parent. A father has reportedly accidentally killed his 10-month-old baby daughter -- by running over her with the family car. How on earth does something like that happen?! Apparently the man was in the driveway doing work on the family's car when some of the household pets got loose. As the man was rounding them up, his baby somehow managed to crawl outside.


Once the unnamed man got all of the animals back inside, he started up the car and backed out of the driveway -- and over his child. A neighbor reportedly heard the man screaming and ran over to see what was going on. The neighbor and the man tried to save the baby, but it was too late. The neighbor says the man kept asking, "How did this happen?"

Many people will be asking the same question -- and probably the police will too. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Babies can be incredibly fast -- even at that age. Alcohol was reportedly not involved and no arrests were made. I can't imagine the guilt and horror this man is going through.

This is the kind of thing that could happen to anyone. Parents get distracted and have a million things on their mind. Or you think one parent is watching the kid and the other parent thinks you are. Maybe that's what happened here. Who knows what happened.

But it's important to check behind your car before you back up. Some new cars even come with video cameras for this very reason. Of course, seeing a small baby wouldn't be easy, so it's necessary to check before you pull out. Still ... you can see how checking behind your car every single day until the baby is big enough to be seen in the rearview mirror would be challenging.

Ugh. This is just horrible beyond words. And maybe even more horrible because people might judge this poor father.

Do you check behind your car when you're pulling out?


Image via Tony Crider/Flickr

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