9-Year-Old Stops Speeding Car After Mom Passes Out at the Wheel

roadSome of us are lucky if we get a 9-year-old to clean their room or eat their vegetables. But one mom who went into diabetic shock while driving is lucky because her 9-year-old's quick thinking enabled her to stop their speeding and out-of-control car from crashing. We can never underestimate our kids and this little girl most likely saved both their lives.

Alex Sheridan from New Lenox, Illinois, started getting nervous when her mom, Jennifer, started driving erratically while on their way home from her cousin's basketball game. She noticed they went through a stop light and their speed was accelerating -- over 70 mph. Mom's medical condition was making her go in and out of consciousness, and Alex had to do something fast.


The car sped off the road but wasn't slowing down, and just as they were about to hit a tree, Alex turned off the key so the car would stop.

Imagine the sheer panic of being in a car that was speeding out of control, but seeing that your mom is unresponsive. Hard to handle. But this kid did the right thing and just in time. As Alex sat there in the car in the ditch -- probably in a bit of a shock herself -- she knew her mother was clearly in need of medical attention. And just then her father called because he was worried about their whereabouts. She told him what happened but couldn't explain where they were, so with her cellphone, she took a photo of her surroundings and sent it to her dad and he was able to determine where they were. Paramedics arrived soon after.

Both mom and daughter are doing fine, and Jennifer has an insulin pump now to prevent another episode. But wow -- this story could have had a tragic outcome if it wasn't for Alex's quick thinking. How do we teach our kids how to react in these types of unthinkable situations? It's all about keeping calm, but that isn't always easy to do. It's terrifying enough to be in a car that is out of control, and to be able to stop that car when you are a passenger, plus a child -- not so easy to do. Thank goodness she did it. Her mom -- and the whole town -- is calling her a hero. And she definitely is.

How would you teach your kids so they know how to keep calm in a scenario like this?

Image via Ziggy_Mo/Flickr

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