Dad Forgets to Drop Baby at Day Care & He's Left in Freezing Cold Car for Hours

cold carsWe've all heard horrific story after horrific story of babies who have died in hot cars after their parents have forgotten they are in the back seat. Each time, it gets harder and harder to think about how badly those children suffered -- and how devastated and guilty their parents must feel.

As careful as we all are while caring for our kids, we all make mistakes, and sadly, summer isn't the only time of year when parents need to get into the habit of checking the back seat before exiting their vehicles.

Just yesterday, a dad in New York forgot to drop his baby off at day care -- and the 1-year-old was left alone in the car for eight hours in absolutely freezing temperatures.


And the worst part is, he didn't even realize that he'd driven to work, parked the car, and forgotten about his son until his wife called him later that afternoon to ask about the baby.

OMG. Considering just how incredibly cold it is in the northeast this week, I can't even imagine how panicked that father must have felt upon realizing he'd left his baby in the car.

An ambulance was called immediately, and thankfully (and also quite miraculously), the little boy is ok after his ordeal.

But nevertheless, this story should serve as a stern reminder to every parent that they need to be just as diligent about making sure their back seat is empty and child-free in cold temperatures as they do when it's sweltering hot out.

When it comes to the safety of our babies, we should never be so naive as to think that something like this could never happen to us. All of us are guilty of being forgetful at one point or another during our hectic lives. That's why we MUST get into the habit of turning around and checking the back seat each and every single time we drive anywhere -- no matter what time of year it is.

Forgetting to glance behind you just one time may wind up being a matter of life and death for the baby who is your entire world, so turn around. Even if you're positive you've already done it -- do it again.

Have you gotten into the habit of checking your back seat yet?


Image via bradleygee/Flickr

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