Woman Gives Birth on Side of Road in -4 Degree Temps

snow ice winterIt's cold outside! There are parts of the country in the single digits and some even below zero. Freezing. But it's winter. This is what we should expect this time of year -- things like very cold air, ice, snow, and moms giving birth on the side of the road in -4 degree temperatures. Wait. What? Yes, this happened. In Toronto. And yes mom Michele Tyndall and her husband Adam Mascarenhas were driving on Highway 401 at 3:30 a.m. when it became clear they weren't going to make it to the hospital to have their little bundle of joy. It was time. They pulled over and got out of the car. In -4 degree with the wind chill temperatures.

Now, why they got out of the car is a little confusing -- maybe they had a Mini Cooper. But what's also crazy is the officer who responded to the call to help deliver the baby is named Snow. Don't worry, they didn't name the baby Ice.


Police Sgt. Ryan Snow had never delivered a baby before. He's never even been at a birth and probably never saw Business of Being Born either. But when he arrived on the scene on the side of the road, he noticed how Adam, the dad-to-be, was very much in control of the situation. Doula dad! Sgt. Snow saw that the baby was already starting to crown and he sat on the frozen ground near Michele's head and tried to shield her from the terribly cold wind while he instructed her to push. He told the Toronto Sun:

We’re all human, [so] there’s that instance of panic, but that’s where the training comes in. [It was] one of the most surreal moments [of my life].

Eight-pound baby girl Violet was born within minutes. Violet! Bringing some beautiful flower color into this cold, icy tale. Melts my heart. She was quickly wrapped to keep warm and paramedics arrived shortly after to take them to the hospital. Snow reportedly tied off the umbilical cord with police tape. Everyone is doing fantastic.

I can only imagine that all the adrenaline running through mom and dad made them able to handle being out in the freezing cold. Our bodies go into survival mode and we're really able to accomplish amazing things. I'm so thankful this story ended happily ... with an equally happy twist.

This experience changed Snow, who has an "unofficial" adoptive daughter. He said witnessing this birth on the side of the road will make him bring up the topic of having a baby with his wife. "Check back with me in 10 months or so," he told reporters. Sweet!

Do you have a fear of giving birth in an unexpected place? The side of the road in below freezing temps sure is crazy, isn't it?


Image via Petteri Sulonen/Flickr

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