Eighth Grader With Down Syndrome Becomes National Basketball Legend Overnight (VIDEO)

teen basketballWhen Michigan eighth grader Owen Groesser didn't make the cut for his middle school basketball team, the coach gave him the role of manager on the seventh grade squad. Then, for the last game of the season, the Van Hoosen junior high coach let Owen, who has Down syndrome, suit up with the rest of the team and even drew up a special play in his honor. Executing "The Owen", the team got the ball to Groesser outside the three-point line, and he was able to take his shot.


Not only did the crowd go wild when he nailed it, they went just as crazy the next time when he sank his second jump shot from beyond the arc.

Next thing you know, Owen's on ESPN's SportsCenter as their number one play and has been making national headlines ever since.

The whole story will warm your heart, and when you see the coach tear up recounting the game -- pass the tissues, por favor. Oh, and his mom, too. She's so happy and proud ... you can just see that she's beaming for her son, and it's beautiful. Watch!

How great is this?


Photo via abc.com

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