'Tattooed' 6-Year-Old Girl's 'Super Bowl Rap' Goes Viral & You'll See Why (VIDEO)

sarah reddenAre you getting excited for the Super Bowl? This catchy little rap about the big upcoming game is sure to pump you even more ... especially if you're a 49ers fan.

In it, 6-year-old Sarah Redden of Dayton, Ohio, busts a rhyme titled "Kaepfornia Gold". In full gear, complete with eye black she breaks it down. Her brother reportedly helped her write it, and it's clever with lines like. "All decked out rockin’ number seven. Cause I’m out here reppin’ all through this day.”

She is downright adorable, and the whole thing is pretty great to watch no matter which team you support. Check it out after the jump.


According to ABC, this is her second rap video. In December she posted one titled "Kaepernicking" about quarterback Colin Kapernick's trademark celebration move. For that, Kaepernick sent the girl an autographed 49ers jersey, and she's gained plenty of fans since. If the 49ers win, you can be there will be another rap.

Though my children play sports, they don't really spend much time watching them or rooting for any teams with much enthusiasm unless we're actually at an event. So it always blows me away when kids are such big fans at an early age. I think it's great, and it can become a fun hobby for families to follow teams together. Not for my family, as I'd rather do pretty much anything than watch football, but good for those who do.

Do your children follow sports passionately? Who are you rooting for -- the 49ers or the Ravens?


Image via YouTube

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