11-Year-Old Fakes Kidnapping to Keep Parents From Finding Out About Bad Grades

texting teenIt's funny. By the time your kid is 10 or 11 years old, you expect a certain level of common sense to prevail when it comes to decision-making. Of course they're going to make the occasional bad choice -- they're still kids, after all -- but at least they sort of grasp the idea of consequences and how punishments are generally supposed to fit crimes and all of that. Like, at 11 years old, you'd think a kid would understand that faking his own abduction and causing a nationwide search for his non-kidnapped self would probably get him in bigger trouble than a few bad grades. Right? Wrong.


Just ask the 11-year-old boy in Xinzo de Limia, Spain, who was so worried about his parents finding out how bad his grades were that he texted his dad the afternoon of a scheduled parent-teacher conference and told him he'd just been abducted.

Brilliant plan! Naturally the dad called back right away, at which point "the boy explained that while taking out the garbage, he had been grabbed off the street and bundled into the trunk of a blue Seat car." He claimed to not know where he was being taken.

Can you imagine?! Oh, I forgot to mention -- the boy's dad is a police officer. So within minutes a nationwide manhunt was underway (even officials in neighboring Portugal were notified!). The whole thing went on for two hours, until the boy's father noticed a set of keys to the family's spare apartment was missing (guess where he found the boy hiding?).

Honestly, I don't know how I would react if one of my kids did something like this. A huge part of me would be sooooo relieved to find him (or her) safe that I wouldn't even be angry ... at first. Then I'd probably get pretty mad. Except, I have to wonder -- why was this kid SO scared for his parents to find out about his bad grades? What sort of "consequences" did he suffer in the past?

What would you do if your kid pulled a stunt like this?


Image via Tyler-Adams/Flickr

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