Woman Gives Birth at a Train Station & Everyone Pitches In to Help

subway platformA lot of stuff goes down in the NYC subway system. I've seen fights, make-outs, public urination, great live music, terrible live music, and rats getting a little too friendly. But I've never seen a woman giving birth. I'd imagine myself springing into action, putting down my coat for the mama to be more comfortable, and then screaming, "Someone call an ambulance!" Because while I'm all about births in places other than hospitals, the NYC subway platform isn't exactly a desirable (or clean) location. Still, Tamika Snipe has one hell of a birth story when she started going into labor on the D train in the Bronx on Thursday.

Tamika was on her way to see her doctor, but at the 161st Yankee Stadium subway stop, it was time.


While on the platform, strangers on the subway who became aware of the situation ran to alert the station agent and NYPD officers came rushing to help. They were able to take her into one of the transit offices at the stop.

"We move all the chairs. I put garbage bags on the floor, we got everybody's coats. We threw them on the floor. We took off her clothes and the head was out," Officer Janelli Garcia told ABC News. Officer Vargas Benitez admitted they were scared, but were so happy when the baby let out a cry. Wow! That happened fast!

Tamika said she is so thankful it all happened at that particular subway stop where there were officers on hand to help her. She named her little subway baby Maxwell William Snipe. Love it! He's in perfect health and weighed 7 pounds. Both mom and baby went to New York Presbyterian Hospital and are doing well.

What an amazing birth story! I've heard of a mom giving birth on the J train, the 4/5 line, and now the D train. That Yankee Stadium stop has probably seen some really wild and crazy antics, but this one might be the best. I think the kid deserves Yankee tickets for life, don't you? Someone tell Jeter about this. 

Do you have a wild birth story? Know anyone who gave birth in an unusual or unexpected place?


Image via praetoriansentry/Flickr

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