Mom Pays for Armed Police at Daughter's Elementary School but She Can't Buy Peace of Mind

checkbookMoney may not be able to buy happiness, but can it buy peace of mind? A Florida mom who has personally hired an armed guard to patrol her daughter's school is attempting to do so.

Since the horrific Sandy Hook shooting last month many parents across the nation have worried more than ever about their children's safety while at school. While some schools have hired guards and upped security, most of us just send them off with prayers and hopes that tragedy won't strike again. But for Laura Lauria of Flagler Beach, Florida, that isn't enough.

According to the Dayton Beach News-Journal,  Lauria has agreed to personally pay the entire cost to have an armed policeman patrol Old Kings Elementary school for the rest of the school year.


At $32 an hour it's no small tab either. She's already paid $12,000 for the first two months and has made a verbal commitment to pay for the rest. The school, not so surprisingly, wasn't about to say no. Superintendent Janet Valentine said, "I don't know how you say no to such a wonderful gesture."

So now Lauria (and the rest of the school's parents by fault) can rest easy knowing that her daughter is safe (or at least safer) while she's at school. Perfect, right?

Well in some ways I suppose so. If I had oodles of money sitting around, my inclination might be to hire an armed guard to follow my child everywhere he or she goes. The news is filled with random stories of violence that leave children dead far too often, and unfortunately schools are only one of the places it happens. But even if we could prevent violence, there would still be the random accidents, and incurable diseases, and natural disasters to fear  -- those which no one can prevent with all of the money in the world. 

So while I don't want to say it was a waste of this woman's money, I just fear that for a big sum of money it's also a very tiny amount of protection in the huge world of dangers facing our children. We can do our best to protect them, work toward making improvements in the world (which may or may not included armed guards in all schools), and take the precautions that we can, but we have to ask ourselves at what cost.

For her, perhaps there's no cost too great, or this is a minuscule sum, and I certainly wouldn't judge her for wanting to protect her child. But in most cases, as terrifying as it is, we have to accept that we simply can't protect our children all the time no matter how much money we have to spend.

If you had the money would you hire an armed guard for your child's school?


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