Hero Grandpa Wrestles Terrifying Shark to Save Swimming Children (VIDEO)

paul marshallseaA bunch of kids were swimming and playing in the ocean at a beach in Queensland, Australia recently when all of a sudden -- nightmare incarnate! A six-and-a-half-foot dusky shark makes his terrifying way up to the coast and tries to get in on the frivolity. "Oh, hell no!" 62-year-old grandpa Paul Marshallsea says to himself. "That shark isn't going to attack these toddlers on my watch!" And the dude jumps into the ocean and wrestles the thing with his bare hands -- and the whole thing is on video! This is nuts!


Check it out:


How awesome is this man? Dude didn't stop for a second! He just dove right in there and got into fistacuffs with a freakin' shark. I think this might be the Dos Equis guy. If this man gutted this fish, grilled it, and served it alongside a gorgeous white burgundy, this is definitely the Dos Equis guy.

Hilarious joking aside, it's funny how our instincts kick in when it has to do with our kids -- or in this guy's case, any kids. If I ever saw a shark come near my child, hell yeah, I'd fight it to the death. It would probably be my death, but still. I wouldn't give it a second thought.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to protect your child?


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