Soldier Mom Surprises Daughter She Hadn't Seen in a Year & We Can't Stop Crying (VIDEO)

soldier mom surprises daughter

Well, if you're in need of a good cry this morning, look no further than the story of a soldier mom who surprised her daughter at school with her homecoming from Afghanistan -- after being gone for an entire year.

Veronica Velasquez gave her 10-year-old little girl, Jamie, the shock of her life when she came to pick her up from school -- something Jamie most definitely never expected in a million years. The emotional reunion between mother and daughter was planned by Veronica's sister's boyfriend, Victor Sosa.


Watch what happens after Veronica knocks on the door of her daughter's fifth grade classroom and walks in to greet her. Keep in mind that you are witnessing a mom being reunited with her child after not seeing her for a YEAR.

Ok, I'll give you a minute to stop crying and collect yourself. (Actually, it took me at least five to get it together after watching that clip.)

I tend to get a little bit emotional anytime I watch one of these military reunion videos, but this one struck a much bigger chord with me as a mom. I just couldn't get the thought of Veronica being away from her child for an entire year out of my head, because it's something I simply can't imagine.

Ever since my son was born, I've always missed him whenever I'm away from him. And for whatever reason, those feelings of longing to be with him have only gotten stronger and stronger as he's grown up. He's almost seven now, and I have a tough time leaving him even for a couple of days (even though I know alone time is necessary for every parent.)

But every time I do leave, I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I'm about to be reunited with him again -- so I can't even begin to imagine how fast Veronica's heart must have been racing when she walked into that classroom and saw her precious daughter running up to hug her. I'm sure neither one of them will ever forget that moment for the rest of their lives.

(Great, now I'm crying again.)

What is the longest stretch you've ever been away from your kids?


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