Mom Who Took 2-Year-Old to See 'Zero Dark Thirty' Probably Just Needed a Night Out

hide eyesDo you remember the first movie you took your toddler to see? Maybe it was a Disney movie. Maybe it featured talking animals. Maybe it was a Disney movie starring talking animals. Whatever it was, it probably didn't involve torture, terrorists, or Osama bin Laden. Meaning, it probably wasn't Zero Dark Thirty. Because ... why would you take a toddler to see Zero Dark Thirty?

That's what an anonymous moviegoer was wondering about in a recent post on Momania. She'd just gone to see Zero Dark Thirty, apparently, and someone a couple of rows ahead of her in the theater brought their 2 or 3-year-old daughter. The moviegoer wanted to know -- were the parents wrong?

Well of course it's not exactly right, bringing a tiny kid to see a movie about Osama bin Laden. That said, is it ... okay?


According to the person who wrote the post, the little one fell asleep after less than an hour of the film. (Still, that's one heck of a graphic, torture scene-filled hour.) Realistically speaking, this kid will probably forget the horrible imagery and probably won't be warped for life. And if that's the case, then, what's the big deal?

I guess it all comes down to the individual kid. I tried to take my daughter to a "grown-up" movie exactly once during her babyhood (I believe it was Riding in Cars With Boys), but the decibel level scared her to tears and we made a hasty retreat before the other people in the theater could start throwing popcorn at us. Afterwards I learned that movies are SO loud nowadays they can actually damage a baby's little sensitive ears. I felt awful -- I nearly made my baby girl go deaf, all for a movie?!

But can I really judge the Zero Dark Thirty mom? No, because who knows what would have happened if my kid didn't start shrieking 2 minutes into the previews when I took her to the movies? If she slept through the whole thing without a peep, I probably would've taken her to the theater again and not given the content of the movie too much thought, honestly -- I mean, the Teletubbies were over her head at that point.

Sometimes a mom just needs to get out of the house. Desperately. And nobody's around to babysit. Who knows?

Still, the next movie this kid sees should probably be about talking animals instead of Osama bin Laden.

Would you take your toddler to see Zero Dark Thirty?


Image via phil wood photo/Flickr

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