Science Teacher Fired for Starring in Adult Films Should Get a Second Chance

chalkboardIn the latest bit of news that confirms America is full of prudes, a California woman dubbed the "porn star teacher" by the media has lost her bid to return to teaching kids middle school science. Stacie Halas was fired last year after students found out she'd starred in adult films, even though she'd straightened out her life and gone legitimate with a teaching career. And now a panel of judges says Halas can never really be a good teacher because of her past.

The court ruling says the availability of this teacher's porno past online will always "impede her from being an effective teacher." Wow, a three-judge panel just sold every kid in America short!


While I will agree that there is always the chance that the Internet-savvy kids of America will be able to call up videos of their teacher doing the hanky panky, I'm not exactly sure why it's so impossible for a woman like Halas to be effective in a classroom ... no matter what her students see.

She's an adult. She has a naughty past. So what?

As parents, we expect our kids' teachers to do a good job inside a classroom. We want them to engage our kids and help them learn. But they're still people, people who have private lives beyond the classroom. Isn't our job as parents to teach our kids about the boundaries between private and professional?

Isn't it our job to talk to our kids about issues that come up, issues like finding a video of their teacher doing the dirty deed online? We are, after all, talking about a woman who teaches older kids, kids old enough to search the Internet and find her adult films. These kids should be at a cognitive level where their parents can discuss this issue rationally. By this age, kids should be old enough to understand that humans are flawed, that sometimes we have things in our past that we aren't proud of, but that the important thing is what we have done about it. 

In the case of the "porn star teacher," she moved on. She left the adult film industry, she became a teacher, she tried to mold young minds. That's just the sort of success story more teens need to hear about!

I don't care what the judges say; I say she can be a good teacher if parents will just give her a chance.

Do you really think it's fair to say a teacher can't be effective in a classroom today because of her past? Would you have a problem with this woman teaching your kids?


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