Quick-Thinking 3-Year-Old Saves Family From Fire (VIDEO)

lincolnWe have ourselves one big little hero, everyone. Three-year-old Lincoln Aldridge saved his mother and father from a fire in the family's home. When a fire started in the chimney, the toddler woke up in his smoke-filled room. He immediately ran out to his parents' room and woke them up.

Lincoln's parents could tell something was up. Lincoln's father, also named Lincoln, says his son went straight to his mother. "We hardly heard him come in. He usually talks and he just grabbed her hand and pulled her out." The family ran out of the house and called the fire department -- just in time, it turns out.


The fire department later told Aldridge that if they'd arrived just 10 minutes later, half the house would have been lost -- maybe even the whole house. As it is, the smoke did not trigger the house's alarms for 40 minutes. So it turns out Lincoln was the family's best fire alarm.

And that house burned up quickly because it was made entirely from wood. Aldridge built it himself by hand, so that's devastating. There was an estimated $150,000 in damage. All that work gone up in flames! But I'm sure the whole family is just grateful to be alive. Thanks to little Lincoln, they still have their lives and the house wasn't completely destroyed, either.

What a smart little guy to wake his parents in a fire! Maybe they'd already created a fire plan with Lincoln so he knew just what to do. But even without a plan, I'm sure he knew something was up when he saw all that smoke. Good thing his first thought was to alert his parents and not panic.

Does your family have a plan in case of fire?


Image via KIRO7

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