Midwife Who Delivered Her Daughters' 6 Babies Is Truly 'Grandmother of the Year'

newborn toesFinding an OB/GYN or midwife that you truly love and trust can be a difficult task, unless she happens to be your own mother, of course. And that's exactly how things happened to work out for two very lucky sisters. Their mother, midwife Jude Beard, delivered all six of their babies. (Yes, she delivered her own grandchildren -- how awesome is that?)

And in addition to serving as her daughters' midwife, she also assisted in the births of two more of her grandkids who were born via C-section. (What a rock star grandma!)


Of playing such an integral role in bringing her grandchildren into the world, Jude said:

I always wanted to be a midwife and I feel honoured I could deliver my darling grandchildren into the world. The girls would have wanted me to be with them anyway, but this was much more special. It's important that an expectant mother has trust in their midwife, and it's always easier if they have their mum with them too. I've been very lucky to be able to combine the two -- on six occasions.

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one who is tearing up a little at the thought of having my mom deliver my baby. Because I just can't imagine a more amazing bonding experience between three generations than that scenario.

Sure, some women will probably cringe at the thought of having their mom in the delivery room, but not me. If my mom were a doctor or midwife, I absolutely would've wanted her to deliver my son, or at least assist in his birth in some way.

And maybe I feel so strongly about it because my own mother wasn't able to be there when I gave birth to my one and only child -- something that is still hard for both of us to accept at times even though it was almost seven years ago.

You see, about six weeks before I had my son, my mom found out she had a brain tumor. It was benign, thank God, but she still had to have very invasive surgery, and she was still recovering when I checked into the hospital to have him. And since we lived thousands of miles apart at the time, there was simply no way she could be there to witness my son's birth.

And I've always said that if I ever were to have another baby, I'd want her in the delivery room for sure. It must be a truly breathtaking sight to watch the child you brought into the world give birth to your grandchild. And I just can't help but feel a twinge of envy every time I hear about mothers and daughters who got to experience the miracle of life together. I wonder if they even realize just how lucky they are?

Are you planning on having your mom in the delivery room?


Image via matrianklw/Flickr

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