Mom Has Terrifying Home Birth After Being Induced & Sent Home From Hospital

pregnant bellyMany times we hear about a woman getting an induction at the hospital and we fear stalled labor, which will mean more Pitocin, which could lead to an unwanted c-section. We’d never expect to hear about a mom who ended up home birthing her baby after she was given induction medication while at the hospital and then sent home despite the mother’s pleas saying her baby was ready.

That is exactly what happened to Emabete Tadesse from Edmonton when she went in to Royal Alexandra hospital ready to give birth to her second child. She was induced but then sent home. They returned, only to be sent home again. While I’m glad this story didn’t end in an unnecessary c-section, this family wasn’t ready to home birth their baby, and there was a lot of fear. Plus, it’s clear the doctors were not listening to the mother who knew it was time.


Emabete went home and tried to sleep, but woke her husband, Ephram Bati, up a few hours later. Bati said he tried to get her out of bed but she couldn’t walk because the baby was making his way down the birth canal. As they were standing there, him holding her up, the baby's head started to crown. They were terrified! Not prepared for this at all.

He caught the baby, who was crying and seemed okay, and slowly helped his wife get back into bed. Dad cleaned baby's nose and mouth and called 911. Once the ambulance arrived, the proud, but shaken dad cut the umbilical cord and they returned to the hospital once again, this time with a newborn.

"I am a mechanical worker," Bati told CTV News, 'I don’t know about these things." Thankfully all ended up fine and the hospital apologized to the family. By going public with their story, the family hopes that doctors will listen to their patients more. I think that’s a great message and not just coming from the woman who had an accidental home birth. Doctors need to listen to their patients when they say they don’t want an induction. Doctors need to listen to their patients when they say they don’t want a c-section. Doctors need to have more patience with their patients.

Maybe another message that comes out of this story is we should stop using synthetic drugs so freely to induce pregnant women when it isn’t necessary. We should listen to our bodies, let nature and the baby tell us when it’s time to birth.

What do you think of the doctor's decision to induce and then not listen to the mom when she said it was time?


Image via rahego/Flickr

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