Clever 7-Year-Old Helps Reunite Lonely Neighbor With Sister He Hadn't Seen in 65 Years (VIDEO)

Eddie Hanzelin

There's a lot of controversy over kids being allowed on social media sites and whether parents should  let them on despite age limits. There are strong arguments on both sides, but this story is a pretty good one in favor of kids on Facebook.

Clifford Boyson, 66, of Davenport, Iowa, hadn't seen his sister, Betty Billadeau,70, in 65 years. As children in Chicago they were placed in separate foster homes, and never saw each other after that despite years of searching for one another. They may have never seen each other again either, if it weren't for the kind heart and mad Internet skills of Boyson's 7-year-old neighbor, Eddie Hanzelin.


"Nobody would help me until I came and met little Eddie," Boyson told ABC.

According to the station, Hanzelin knew his neighbor was lonely, living by himself and took to his mother's Facebook account to help search out his sister. He used Billadeau's maiden name, and found a family resemblance in one user's profile that he thought could be her. Turns out, he was right!

Since then, Billadeau and Boyson have reunited, meeting up Saturday in person. Billadeau brought her daughter and granddaughter, and it was one amazing reunion, part of which you can watch here:

As far as his role in the whole amazing reunion, Eddie remains humble. He told ABC simply, "Clifford did not have any family, and family's important." What a great kid. He may just have a future as a detective too.

How awesome is this story? How young is too young for kids to use social media sites?


Image via ABC

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