Boy, 13, Drives Car 500 Miles Across Country to Find His Birth Parents

roadWhen most children get in fights with their parents, they storm off to their rooms; maybe they take off to a friend's house once in awhile. A 13-year-old boy, however, recently took his anger a little bit further, when he stole his father's Mercedes, then ran away and drove more than 500 miles across country.

According to BBC, the boy's fight was with his adoptive mother about a cell phone bill. They live in Northern Italy, and when he didn't like what she had to say, he grabbed his passport, a couple hundred dollars, and hopped in the car in search of his birth family -- who happens to live in Poland For almost 24 hours he drove across Europe, crossing two international borders, and filling up with gas twice, with plans to meet his biological sister. 

He never made it.


Finally, German police interrupted the joyride and stopped the boy near Liepizig. Fortunately, no one was physically harmed, but the thought of a 13-year-old making that journey is crazy. According to reports, he is an "expert go-kart driver," which apparently served him pretty well behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

Eleonora Spadati from the Montebelluna police department told AFP news agency."He looks like a 16-year-old, but still! He managed to fuel up and pass two borders. It's just incredible,"

But while the story has a happy ending of sorts, and his adopted parents went to Germany to bring him back home, I can't help but wonder how this family is going to go on from here. Police say he's remorseful and realizes what he did was wrong, but clearly the boy misses his biological family. He was reportedly adopted two years, though there are no reports as to why, and his biological sister still lives with his biological parents, which sounds like a pretty tough situation for anyone. His adoptive parents have to be hurt, worried, and fearful of what the future holds after this incident. I mean really, what kind of punishment is there for something like this? It's not your typical teen angst story.

Hopefully they'll all be able to get the help they need to work through this to ensure it doesn't happen again. And hopefully the boy will find some other legal way to practice his impressive driving skills.

What's the furthest your child has ever run away? 


Image via Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flickr

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