How Being a First-Time Mom Can Make Your Babies' Vaccinations Hurt Even More

baby doctorBy far, one of the worst parts of being a new mom is having to take your baby to the doctor every few months to get shots. Yes, vaccines are necessary for their health and all, but still -- it's pretty tough to sit there and watch someone stick a needle into your kid all while knowing it's probably going to cause him pain.

Many new moms will even admit to crying harder than their babies when vaccines are administered, and that's why a new study showing that shots are worse for babies whose moms are anxious is particularly interesting.


Yep, according to a new study conducted at Durham University, babies can sense if their mom is apprehensive about them getting shots, and if they are, the pain is a whole heck of a lot worse. And, surprise, surprise, first-time moms are typically more anxious when their babies get shots than moms with more than one kid.

Fifty moms were studied along with their 2-month-old babies. The babies' reactions during vaccines were looked at, and the results of the study were published in the Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology. Researchers found that the babies of first-time moms seemed to be in a lot more pain than those moms who knew what to expect.

Great. Yet another way we're making our kids' lives harder than they have to be even when we mean well. (Geez, can't a mom catch a break?)

Here we are, all heartbroken over the fact that our baby has to get a shot, and now we have to find out that our worry and concern only makes things worse? (We can't do anything right.)

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I can vividly remember being on the verge of major tears every time I had to take my son for his scheduled shots -- but somehow I usually managed to keep it together for his sake. I was worried that if he saw me get all upset, he'd know something was wrong. I figured by keeping calm, he would know that what was being done to him was ok, even if it hurt for a few seconds. (Man. I was way ahead of this study, I guess.)

Still, it can be pretty tough to put on a brave face and control your tears if your baby winds up crying out in pain. But maybe if you keep this study in mind and do your best to remain cool and collected, your baby will do so as well, and maybe (just maybe) routine doctor's visits will be a lot less painful for the both of you.

Do you cry when your baby gets shots?


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