Girl's Tongue Gets Stuck in Ordinary Water Bottle for Hours & She Ends Up in Intensive Care (VIDEO)

metal water bottleWe all know that choosing to use reusable water bottles instead of buying case after case of bottled water is better for the environment, but did you ever think that using a metal watter bottle could be hazardous to your kid's health and safety?

You will after hearing a new report from Today. Kids are getting their tongues stuck inside of metal water bottles -- to the point where they're being rushed to the emergency room and having to undergo hours of surgery in order to remove the bottles from their mouths. (OMG. OMG. OMG.)


And one little girl, Mary Kate Person, even wound up in the ICU after getting her tongue stuck inside of one of these metal bottles. You can hear her story in this video clip, but I'll warn you, it's not easy to watch. I felt myself gasping for air a couple of times during it -- but for the sake of your kids' safety, I highly urge you to take a look.

Oh. My. GOD!!!! Did you ever for one second think that something like this could happen -- all from using a water bottle?

My family owns at least four or five metal water bottles similar to the ones in the video, and as soon as I finished watching the clip, I went right over to our kitchen cabinets, gathered them all up, and threw them in the trash.

Yes, I know the likelihood of my son getting his tongue stuck may be not be very high, but after seeing that little girl lying in a hospital bed all hooked up to breathing tubes? Yeah, I'm just not willing to take the risk.

Earlier this week, my husband came home with a new water bottle for our son that has a straw to drink from, so I think this weekend we'll make sure to pick up a few more of those to have around the house instead.

These new warnings may have been difficult to hear about, but I'm so glad Today aired them. Hopefully parents all over the country will watch the clip, pay attention, and take the safety risks of metal water bottles to heart before their kid is the one who winds up in the ER.

Had you ever heard of metal water bottles being dangerous before? Do you own any?


Image via iGerard/Flickr

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