Miracle Baby Born After Life-Saving Blood Transfusion in the Womb (VIDEO)

miracle baby

Pregnancy is one of the happiest and most exciting times in a woman's life, or at least it's supposed to be. And that's why you can only imagine how devastated Kelly McPherson was when she found out her unborn baby was suffering from a life-threatening condition when she was just 17 weeks pregnant.

Kelly developed a fever, and that's when she learned her unborn baby had complications from human parvovirus. The baby was swollen from fluid, which Kelly said looked like a halo around his head, and her doctor, Dr. Martin Chavez, sadly broke the news that he was dying in the womb.

But instead of giving up hope, Dr. Chavez suggested a procedure that could potentially save the baby boy's life.


He performed a rare blood transfusion where he inserted a small needle into the baby's heart in utero, and injected about two teaspoons of blood into one of the chambers.

Take a look at this video to see what happened next.

Wow, can you believe what a miracle baby Masen is? Just look at how beautiful and perfect he is!

And isn't it amazing how as soon as the transfusion was performed, he went on to develop normally and was carried to full-term? Kelly and her husband must have felt like they were on a roller coaster ride, literally going from thinking they were going to lose their child to having a normal and healthy pregnancy overnight.

I know when I was pregnant with my son, I probably took my healthy check-ups for granted a bit more than I should have. It's just so easy to forget sometimes that not all moms have standard, routine pregnancies, and we have to be thankful for each and every healthy moment we're blessed with.

What amazed you most about baby Masen's story?


Image via NBCNewYork

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