Kids Participating in Nude Olympics Is All Kinds of Wrong

naked statueYou know, I'm all for more inclusion of children in our society than less. When restaurants ban children and people act like they're more toxic than radioactive waste, I bristle. But there are some activities in which children should just never ever be included -- like in nude Olympics, for example.

Oh but yes, they are. The Australia Nude Olympics are coming up at Maslin Beach January 20. The games will include about 20 races and activities, all being done by people in their birthday suits. Children are more than welcome and can participate in events like sack races and treasure hunts. One of the event organizers even told that they're planning it as a "safe family event."

Are they freaking serious?


Let's see, the first thing that comes to mind is ... child molesters! No, not all nudists are child molesters, but if you advertise that you can be naked around a bunch of children, well, I'd say that's like a big white flag welcoming in a bunch of twisted perverts, no?

Oh, but organizers say they have a plan to help protect the kids -- they'll have them wear pants. Organizer Debbie Pillar told the site, "We will be making sure children wear bottoms before participating and hopefully we won't have any issues.'' Because pants always protect kids from molesters?

And while they say they will prohibit "unauthorized" photography, you know how easy it is to take stealth pictures these days. Who knows where your kid's picture could end up, and pants or not, that's just creepy.

I have nothing against nudists who want to embrace their bodies in private and have a nude household. I think at a certain age it's probably embarrassing for kids, and it's something I'd never do. But to each his own ... to a certain point. Taking your kids to a place full of naked adults (especially one that's advertised as such) is asking for all sorts of problems, and I fail to see any kind of benefit in doing so. And safety aside, these poor kids are probably going to be scarred for life when they see some of those aging bodies running and jumping in their full, saggy glory.

Would you ever let your children attend or participate in nude Olympics?


Image via ketrin1407/Flickr

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