6-Year-Old Saves Her Dad's Life With Her Jelly Baby Candy

lunchboxGet ready for your dose of happy for the day, because it's coming at you! A dad is alive today thanks to his 6-year-old daughter and the candy out of her lunchbox.

Didn't think candy could save a life, did you? But for Dave Fitzpatrick, who has diabetes, it was the best thing to prevent him from falling into a dangerous coma. Good thing little Lilly thought to grab the Jelly Baby and feed it to Dad!


The quick thinking kiddo also called 999 (the Fitzpatricks live in England), and an ambulance showed up to take over caring for Dad. I'd say she's earned hero status for this one.

At just 6, to keep that kind of clear head in light of one of the scariest moments of her life?

It's pretty darn special. To put this in context, let's remember, your standard 6-year-old still depends on their parents to tell them to do the most basic of tasks (go brush your teeth, put your shoes on, did you brush those teeth yet?). Forethought is not exactly their specialty.

This just drums home why we need to practice, practice, practice these sort of situations with our kids ... so they don't actually have to think out what to do. They'll already know.

We've done the "how to call 911" talk in our house several times over. But it looks like we'll be doing it again tonight!

How about you? Do you think your kid would be as savvy as little Lilly? Could they save your life?


Image via Apreche/Flickr

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