Mom Has Super Scary Delivery on Bathroom Floor After Hospital Sends Her Home (VIDEO)

mom and babyNativia Jones did just what she was supposed to do when she felt like she was in labor on New Year's Eve -- she went to the hospital in New Bedford, Mass. It was three days before her scheduled c-section, but after spending some time there being observed, doctors sent her home, apparently believing the baby wasn't coming anytime soon.

The baby had other ideas. According to CBS, several hours after Jones went home, her contractions started getting worse. Then suddenly there she was on her bathroom floor in full-on labor.


She said she was in shock, and her boyfriend was 'about to pass out" but did manage to call 911. Fortunately police officer Nathan Monteiro arrived just in the nick of time. The station reports that he walked into the bathroom just in time to catch the baby coming out. Talk about terrific timing!

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But that wasn't the end of the scare. The umbilical was wrapped around the baby's neck, and she wasn't breathing. Monteiro, however, knew just what to do and unwrapped it and used his finger to clear the airway.

Both mother and her baby, Amyiah Angel Jones-Rivera, are fine now, and Jones calls Moneiro her hero, which he no doubt is. But what I want to know is why that hospital sent her home. I know doctors make mistakes and all, but that's a pretty big one.

There are plenty of stories of women who give birth along the highway or in other unexpected places because they think they have more time than they do, but if you actually make it to the hospital you'd think you would be pretty safe. Fortunately this case had a happy ending, but it easily could have gone another much more frightening way.

Can you believe the hospital sent this woman home?


Image via CBS Boston

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