Parents of 2 Kids Killed By Nanny Begin the Healing Process With Help of Their 3-Year-Old Daughter

krim familyYou've got to wonder how Marina and Kevin Krim, the parents of two children killed allegedly by their nanny (who has pleaded not guilty), are coping with life after such a horror. Well, they've been telling their story via their Lulu & Leo Fund page. And what they say will just tear your heart out. On December 28 Kevin wrote:

I want to wish our daughter Nessie a huge happy birthday. She turns four today. Marina and I couldn't be more proud of her -- she is very smart, beautiful and tough. And she's grown so much over the past two months. She saves us every day.

Nessie is the Krims' middle child, and it's such a mercy that the Krims were left with her. Nothing can ever fill up the space left by their other two children, or make up for the horrible way their lives ended. But they do still have a child in their family.


I worry for Nessie. She lost both siblings unexpectedly one day. Her parents are under terrible stress and are in mourning. I can't imagine trying to be a good parent under those circumstances. I would just want to say "yes!" to everything Nessie wants, whether it's good for her in the long run or not. I would be tempted to rely on her as my sole source of comfort.

But of course, I'm sure the Krims are wise parents and are aware of the special pressures on Nessie. They're probably doing what they need to do to take care of themselves so they can still be effective and fully-present parents to Nessie. It must be incredibly difficult -- but also, in a way, a source of joy for them. They're still parents, and they still have this wonderful little girl in their lives.

What do you think this experience has been like for Nessie?


Image via Lulu & Leo Fund

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