10-Year-Old Has Sent His Entire Allowance to a Cat Shelter for 3 Years Straight

boy with catHere's an amazing, feel-good story to start your week off on a happy note. Most kids use their allowance for whatever bright and shiny new toy or sugary sweet treat they come across. But not 10-year-old Evan. Instead, the Philadelphia boy has been using his for years now to help cats.

A series of letters from him to his local cast rescue center, City Kitties, has gone viral, and it's easy to see why as his kindness and dedication are pretty amazing. The first one he sent three years ago along with a donation of $46.75 he had saved for months, and it's as adorable as it is moving.


The handwritten letter reads:

Dear City Kitties,

My name is Evan. I am 7 years old. And guess what? ... I LOVE cats! They are my favorite animals and I got my cat at City Kitties as well! THANK YOU for letting me get my new cat! Thank you, City Kitties.



P.S. I get an allowance every week and I chose to make a donation to you. I love that you help cats find homes. I saved this money to help you help cats.

He didn't stop there either. Instead he kept saving. The next year, when he was 8, he sent another letter, and $86 he raised by selling figs from a family tree. Last year he sent in $97 with a note that read in part, "I am so happy that people like you are around to save abandoned kitties from danger! I want to help you do that and I hope other people will help, too!"

This year, he raised more than ever, and his 2012 letter (showing much improved handwriting) came along with $220 -- $110 he saved, and another $110 from his parents who matched his donation. He wrote:

It is my first year donating a three-digit dollar amount. (When I was one-digit years old, I donated a two-digit dollar amount. Now that I'm two-digit years old, I donated a three-digit dollar amount.) I will keep donating to help save abandoned kitties from danger.

He also added, "P.S. Do you like my cursive?"

What a truly cool kid, and according to reports, others have been so inspired by his story that they've donated as well. I love stories like this that show what a big difference little kids can make in the world. I'm amazed not only by his generosity but his persistence over the years. That's dedication, and it will serve him well in life. Also kudos to his parents for raising him to be so caring and kind and to help him follow through on his passions. While homework and sports are important, it's this kind of life lessons that will serve them best of all.

How do your kids spend their allowance?


Image via City Kitties

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