4 Nursing Moms Are Harassed for Showing Their Icky Breasts in Public (VIDEO)

breastfeeding momAnother day, another lady getting harassed for breastfeeding in public. Actually, make that ladies. Three women decided to stage a nurse-in at a Hollister in Delaware as a protest to a nursing mom who allegedly was kicked out of Hollister in Houston, Texas for, yes, feeding her child. The three women -- Diana Hitchens, Autumne Murray, and Jessica Hitchens -- walked around the store, nursing their babies, and I'll give you one guess as to what happened. (Hint: It's an eerily similar ending to what happened to the mom in Texas.)


Yes, they were kicked out. According to Autumne Murray: "Two security guards walked up to us. They started questioning us and asking us why we were exposing ourselves and saying that we needed to leave or cover up. We got in an argument with them about it for a little bit and then they left."

But the guards then returned with a big, bad state trooper who was on routine patrol in tow. (Note: I'm impressed with this particular town in Delaware -- there must be literally zero crime if this is what a state trooper is doing.) Murray continued: "He was asking if we were exposing ourselves, saying that the security guards said we were exposing ourselves, and that we could be kicked out of the mall if we didn’t cover up."

So, yeah. The nurse-in went pretty much how one, unfortunately, expects a nurse-in to go: With security getting involved. 

It's really great that these three women stood up for what they believe in, but it's also kind of sad. It's ridiculous that these are the lengths that people are going through to normalize breastfeeding in public. Nurse-ins shouldn't have to happen. Breastfeeding in public shouldn't be an issue. Period. Dude, they're just boobs. Get over it.

Maybe next time a woman is harassed for nursing her baby in public, she should play a pre-recorded tape of her child crying from being hungry. She should play it loud and on a loop, and see how that goes over.

My guess? Security will get involved.

Have you ever been harassed for nursing in public?

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