Mom Changes Baby's Diaper on Restaurant Table

diaperLike most women, after I became a mom, I became a lot less judgmental about the things I had seen other moms do in the past. Wipe boogers off of their kids' noses with their bare hands. Smell their baby's butts in public. Whatever. I'm now quite aware that while motherhood is the most amazing thing, it's far from glamorous. But, despite my affinity and sympathy for mamas, and how hard their jobs are at times, I do think there's a line. And plopping your kid on a restaurant table and changing their diaper crosses that line. That's ... really inappropriate.

A restaurant owner recently wrote in to "Dear Abby", saying that a customer of his had done just this. He called the incident "unsanitary" and "rude", and wondered if he was out of line in thinking these things. To which I (and Abby) say no. That is unsanitary and rude. 


Sometimes when you're out, you need to change your kid. So you improvise. I get that. I've discreetly changed my daughter's diaper in her stroller at the airport (facing away from everyone); on my husband's lap in a corner at a party; and on a couch at a hotel. (Always pee.) And when I was at a restaurant in Italy once, I watched a mom change her little one on her lap right next to me. It was definitely unusual, but I just chalked it up to her being European (and me not being a mom yet). But when you lay your child on top of a place that people eat off of, you're taking things to a new level.

I don't know if there were changing tables in the bathroom at this restaurant. If there weren't, that needs to be remedied. But still. There are other ways/places/techniques of changing a little one's diaper that don't require propping him or her on a table in a restaurant.

As hard as it may be for us moms to see sometimes, there are other people in the world. People without kids. People who really would rather not look at your child's naked bottom while they're eating. Let's try to keep them in mind. And let this be a lesson: Please, parents, don't change your baby's diaper or toilet train your toddler while in a restaurant. That behavior may fly in Babies R Us, but at a cafe, it's just gross.

What do you think of this?

Image via Sellers Patton/Flickr

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