Girls Drug Parents’ Milkshakes So They Can Do Whatever They Want

MilkshakeI love milkshakes. Love love LOVE them. Generally, I'm a chocolate sorta gal. In one California household, they opt for drugged flavor. Follow me on this one: last Friday two teen girls allegedly used a drugged milkshake to knock out one of the girls' parents so they could have free reign to use the Internet past their household curfew. Seriously. The parents consumed about a quarter of the milkshake and then quickly passed out. Food coma? I think not.

After waking up disoriented and experiencing hangover symptoms at around 1 a.m., they decided to go back to sleep and look into it in the morning. The parents then went to the police, saying they felt like they were drugged, and now, well, the police are looking into it.

So let me get this straight: The girls drugged her parents so they could go online? Besides the obvious question -- what sort of websites did these girls need to look at? -- I just have to wonder what on EARTH are these parents thinking right now?


I have an eensy bit of a hunch: Where did we go wrong? I'd imagine that they started to wonder if there was something they did to make her act out this way. Why, instead of asking if she and her friend could look at something on the Internet, did she choose to drug them instead? Or even worse: was there one particular instant where the two of them did something to hurt her that made her decide to hurt them back?

And then the logical question arises: Is it this friend that is a bad influence on their daughter? Should they pay more attention to the friends she keeps and who they allow into their house? As parents, you can't control who your children meet, and until you're given a good reason, it's hard to tell them who they can and can't hang out with. Especially with teens in a time when you're trying to allow them to make their own decisions and learn things on their own, it most definitely gets sticky.

In this case, though, I'd say this little milkshake incident may be just the ticket to suggest their 15-year-old find other friends. Just saying. 

Can you believe this? Do you think you should be able to tell your kids who they can and can't hang out with?


Image via judgepera/Flickr

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