Shopper Gives Birth in Walmart in a Scene Straight Out of a Movie (VIDEO)

tiny footA woman in Georgia got a bigger bargain than she initially went out shopping for yesterday, when she went into labor and gave birth inside of a Walmart store.

The 37-year-old woman was only eight months pregnant when she ventured into the Walmart, so I'm sure she expected to leave with a lot less than a newborn baby in her arms.

But sure enough, the baby had other plans, and when EMTs arrived on the scene, they found the woman and her baby in the store bathroom -- and the tiny newborn had even been swaddled in a Walmart blanket. (So cute!)


Watch the video clip below to hear more about this baby's way-too-timely arrival.


If you're scratching your head and thinking the giving birth in a Walmart scenario sounds a little bit familiar, it's not your imagination.

Remember that movie with Natalie Portman, Where the Heart Is? You know, the one where her deadbeat boyfriend drops her off at Walmart to use the restroom and abandons her there -- forcing her to live inside the store, and she ultimately gives birth to her baby right in the middle of one of the aisles? (LOVE that flick.)

You'd expect something like this to happen in Hollywood, but in real life? Yeah, saying it's highly unlikely is a huge understatement.

Still, it sounds like the good folks at Walmart had the situation under control and handled things pretty well. But somehow I'm guessing this woman will make a mental note to use the restroom before leaving the house the next time she decides to shop at Walmart. Some memories really don't need any extra triggers to bring you back to the moment.

Do you know anyone who has given birth in a public place?


Image via audi_insperation/Flickr

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