World's Stupidest Dad Takes 2-Year-Old for Snowmobile Ride (Guess How This Ends)

snowmobileA 2-year-old was rushed to the hospital when the snowmobile she was riding crashed into a tree. You read that right: A 2-year-old was riding a snowmobile. And she crashed. She suffered a serious leg injury.

At least she wasn't riding it by herself. The tot was riding in front of her father with her 4-year-old brother in the back. Apparently they'd only gone about 10 yards before they crashed. But seriously? Who puts a 2-year-old on a snowmobile?!?


Oh there will be people who defend toddler snowmobiling, I'm sure. They'll swear up and down that it's perfectly safe, that they've done it before, and you just have to be careful, duh. But it still sounds risky to me. Unless you really have to get somewhere and you have no other options, snowmobiling with your toddler just sounds like a bad idea.

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Pediatrics and Child Health says, "Children younger than six years of age do not have the strength or stamina to be transported safely as passengers on snowmobiles." So even the 4-year-old shouldn't have been riding.

And riding in the front? Yikes! I've seen bicycle child seats that sit in front of the parents instead of behind, and I can see how it's nice to keep your child in sight. But pediatricians generally frown on them because your kid is going to get it first if you crash. I just think, if snowmobiling with a toddler were really such a great idea, they'd make child seats with belts that fit behind the parent.

At least there were no head injuries! Maybe the family at least had the good sense to wear helmets. But who wants to bet that dad caught hell from his wife when she heard what happened?

Do you think it's possible for a toddler to be safe riding a snowmobile?


Image via |Chris|/Flickr

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