Little Boy Wipes Out On Slopes & Man Just High Fives Him (VIDEO)

If you've ever found yourself hurtling down the ski slopes at a speed you weren't ready for, you know it can be terrifiying. It happened to me when I was a teenager. A friend brought me up on the intermediate slopes for my first ski trip ever. A fresh sheen of ice was on the snow after a light rain. I remember barreling downwards at incredible speed. I remember wiping out. I remember emergency personnel carrying me down the slope on a sled. And I remember a small knee fracture. I haven't been on the slopes much since then.

So I can only imagine what this small child, who looks about 6 years old, went through when the adult with him, possibly his father, encouraged him down a slope he clearly wasn't ready for. This video will definitely have you wondering what some parents are thinking ...


The video starts off with the little boy in front of the adult, who films the action. The slope appears far too steep for such a little kid, and his splayed legs make it clear he's not exactly a ski prodigy. As he goes faster and faster you can begin to hear him screaming and crying.

The adult begins yelling, "Pizza! Pizza!" which isn't plans for lunch, but a move where the two skis form a pizza shape to slow down. The tyke can't seem to do it and just keeps barreling down the hill. The adult seems bemused by it all and keeps calling out, "Bro! Bro!"

Once the kid wipes out and is crying hysterically, the adult shows no concern and doesn't even check to see if he's injured. He just keeps saying, "Good job, bro! You survived!" while the crying child screams that he "won't do it again."

The capper? instead of comforting the child, the adult tries to high five him. Unbelievable. Maybe I'm being too sensitive? What do you think?

Image via YouTube


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