Woman Survives Car Accident Just Long Enough to Give Birth to Her Baby

It seems like there are days when I start off virtually every story with "This is tragic ... " and, yikes, it's shaping up to be one of those days. A 30-year-old pregnant woman in Chandler, Arizona was riding in a car with her father, mother, and 2-year-old son when the car was hit by a flatbed truck. Tragically, the mother, Wei Chu, was killed. She also was eight months pregnant. However, before she died, she did something miraculous.


The woman was rushed to the hospital and managed to give birth to her baby right before she died. The baby is in critical condition, but is alive. Chu's husband rushed to the hospital where he faced an unbelievable situation: Saying goodbye to his wife at the same time he welcomed his new daughter into the world.

A police officer told Hollywood Life that the baby was delivered via C-section. He said: "I have been doing this for 12 years and I have never heard of a circumstance like this. So far this little girl is a miracle baby, but she remains in critical condition."

I cannot imagine the grief of this scenario -- delivering your baby while fighting for your life. Still, there is something miraculous about her having the strength to hold on long enough that her baby could survive.

No charges have been filed -- apparently drinking or high speeds were not involved. It appears to be a freak accident where the driver of the car, Chu's father, turned into oncoming traffic without looking, and they happened to get hit by a utility truck much bigger than their car. Reportedly, the driver of the truck stopped at the scene and was distraught. The others in the car were not seriously injured. This is just a horrible tragedy for all involved -- and I truly hope this miracle baby pulls through.

Do you know anyone who has given birth under tragic circumstances?


Image via TammraMcCauley/Flickr

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