10 Surprising Facts About Babies in America (INFOGRAPH)

There's no arguing that we love babies in this country -- but you might be surprised at how much we love them. According to the CDC almost 4 million little mushes were born in America in just one year! 3,999,386 to be exact. That's a whole lotta baby loving. And really ... who can blame us? Still, that's not even the most surprising stat rounded up below.

The thing that caught me most off guard is probably how few of those babies were born at home -- 29,650. I chose hospital births for my kids but I really thought more people opted for home births these days. Or maybe it's how many babies are breastfed -- 76.9%. That's actually a lot higher than I thought it would be -- which is all sorts of awesome.

Check out the infograph below and let me know which fact surprises you the most!


Research compiled by Emily Abbate

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